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1952 commer petrol sloper with crash gearbox


Hi guys took my commer fire engine out over the weekend it has the cylinder petrol sloper engine with 4 speed crash gearbox, I'm really struggling coming bk down gears going up box is fine but really struggling 4th to 3rd 

And need to be at walking pace for 2nd gear 

I'm double declutching coming down box and blipping throttle a little to help things   along but still struggling 

Also what are your thoughts on fitting fully synthetic oil to gearbox 

So engine and gearbox speeds stay closer for longer 

I know this will open a can of worms but any help tips would be appreciated 

Cheers anton 

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Thanks Phil  to be honest it doesn't recover well when revs are low changing up 

But I'm really struggling coming down box  I checked gearbox oil today level is ok and doesn't seem that old

I'm going to jack it up at weekend and check clutch adjustment I think it's fine but just want to check it's clearing fully 

Need to go through ignition and give carb a overall to


I think most of the problem is still me need to get used to the gearbox 

Thanks for the advice though 


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