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After seeing this at the back of a friends shed I finally convinced him it needed to return to Essex after a brief 24 years in Dorset 

What I think 🤔but only think, is that it was one of the original 1917-18 Dodge order which came over as part of the war effort as it is RHD and there’s no other reason for it to be here.There appears to be the remains of green paint on the cab .It was first registered in 1924 to a hardware store in Clacton on sea with aEssex registration. Later sold to the Seaside Laundry which we believe was also in Clacton as the original sign writing is still visible on the doors. Even though it appears as a pickup I think it’s the cut back remains of what was a van as some tell tale marks are on parts of the remaining frame.

Open to suggestions and thoughts as we are still in the excited unwrapping stage at the moment but we intend to tidy it up and keep it all original as possible.










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1 minute ago, Rootes75 said:

What a truck! Such lovely patina.

Posh word for rust. 😁 Though the temptaions do you conserve it in running condition, doing the least possible or restore it and loose her life?

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Thank you all for your comments as I often have trouble convincing indoors what she is looking at.

 Rest assured the “posh rust” is staying but mechanically it will get the treatment in the same way as our other projects .We know it has some valve issues to attend to for a start and certainly expect to find more, on the plus side nothing appears seized with it last being run about 5 year’s ago when the mag gave up.This has since been been rebuilt but not refitted and is tucked away in the airing cupboard .

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I have owned a 1916, 1919 and 1924 Dodges and I think that your Dodge is a bit later than 1917/18.  More likely 1924.  The earlier Dodges had a smaller radiator and the rear springs were 3/4 cantilever springs not semi-elliptical as seen on your Dodge. The dashboard also points to mid-1920's.  The chassis number should be stamped on the centre cross bearer about under the front seat.

Keep it as found and retain the patina.  Here in Australia there is a car club known as the Feral Car Club.  It only has original style un restored vehicles like yours which are fully restored mechanically but hardly touched otherwise.  I have a 1924 Studebaker tow truck which apart from the canvas hood and a set of tyres is ready for the road.Almost 1200 hours have gone into it and you cannot see what I have done.





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Thanks for your comments Rick, You are are right on a number of points as i already own a ex Canadian registered 23 Dodge car which I have used as a comparison as we know the date because it still had the serial plate. 
A few comparisons between 23 car and 3/4 ton truck 

magneto v distributor

throttle pedal centrally positioned v on the car as modern vehicles 

headlamps appear to be the earlier saucepan style . The cross member is corroded to the point of heavy pitting plus quite hard to access because of how the seat box is fitted. I will further investigate tomorrow. 





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That central accelerator pedal! I drove a Mk1 Quad and a mate'sMercury with that set up.  The underpants bill went up alarmingly.

Glad to know that she will continue toproudly show her age though.

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7 hours ago, Tony B said:

Lynx , I'd love to se ewhat happens if you use it to tow another old car to a modern garage and say 'Hey Mate,can you give me hand figure out why it won't run?' 😁

Tony, whilst not wishing to hijack this great thread about the 3/4 ton Dodge, the Studebaker used to tow this 1915 Weaver auto ambulance before it obtained the crane set up.  This is a photo of the weaver in use in Bairnsdale Australia behind the ute before the crane was fitted.  The model 'T' Ford looks a bit sad. Ther weaver Auto Ambulance is in excellent condition.



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Posted (edited)

A587-152  After several of us looking in the correct areas the chassis number has finally revealed its self . So according to Dodge crib sheet equates to March 1926 which is far later than I would of guessed for the reasons previously mentioned .Another member of this forum has yet again come up trumps for one of our projects . R P came across a article in The Commercial Motor 2/10/23 perfectly describes the truck with matching side lights to what we have ,which I think are Smith’s unless anyone knows otherwise.Need two lens and rims if anyone has any. With the body being built in London by Hoods and Bodies Ltd F775C214-2AD7-471A-A8E9-E22A53F12B3D.thumb.jpeg.2a0f7650e407f0d345db51729b818982.jpeg







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Corrected info as we can now back it up
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You know how it is , we thought we were going to mothball this project once stabilised until we had finished some of our other projects. 
It started with we will just pop the head off to have a peak at the suspect reported valve problem as it was a bit rainey last weekend and domestic duties we’re suspended. After most of Saturday afternoon and Sunday the head finally let go of the studs after lots of gentle encouragement and tea drinking . What we found on cyl 1&2 the gudgeon pin has scored the bores where I’m guessing the ally end caps have been left out    allowing the pin to move from side to side scrapping the cylinder wall to a depth of a couple of mm.Its now a engine out rebore and sleeve plus new rings at a min. Initially we were hoping sort the valves out and drop the sump for a clean out and check out . Now it will get a strip down and overhaul which is the only way. forward. Even though the wheels look good the closer you get about 50% of the spokes are riddled with worm so the wheels are now stripped and are off on holiday to Devon to let Greg work hit magic . The trick now will be to tone down and de stress the new spokes It’s been agreed to save as many of the original spokes as poss.ECD5803A-2FE0-45B9-84EA-8AAD2A1BBD85.thumb.jpeg.4de578f42b89c66a95a2d2f969a804f7.jpeg




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I relate to that of buying a project and thinking of putting it to one side for a later date but then having a little look and before you know it putting in some proper work!

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