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my name is David, i'm 26years old and i come from Austria:)


I have a old Triumph 3hw with Fin Number: TL 33984


Under the black Paint on the frame there is blue Color..


Is this maybe an RAF Motorcycle?

I know that the frontfender and exhaust are not the original, but i like it🙂


sorry for my bad English 🙈






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Hello David. All vehicles built during the war were supplied in "Service Colour" No special colours for RAF or Royal Navy! Your bike probably left the factory and supplied as an army bike in 1943 and at that time the service colour was " Service Brown".  If it did end up with the RAF and stayed in service after the war, it could well have been painted "RAF Blue/Grey". 

But I suspect that it's had lots of civilian influence over the last 70 years. Ron 

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Okay, thank you for the Information:)

The original Colour of the front End was Service Brown.

But the original Colour of the Frame was this Blue/Grey i think...

Or maybe it was a realy good paintjob after the war.. David.




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