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Welbike repaint

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I restored my MK1 Welbike well over 20 years ago, but now with the wealth of information that is available today, I'm going to repaint it and address some minor issues.

Originally I sprayed it Service Brown, but I'm reliably informed by Lex that it should be green. Not Khaki or Olive drab, but some sort of darker green. I've gone for "Dark Camouflage Green" Which is close enough to my eyes to the sample Lex sent me. (Who knows for sure anyway?)

The only parts not to be painted are the cables, grips, fuel hoses, HT lead/cap/plug, tyres/valves, saddle cover and the engine mounting nuts. I'm told also that the saddle stem would be bare metal.....But I don't think I could cope with that.😝  Ron


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16 hours ago, slaapstad said:

Whew Ron - even the motor painted!

Yes! Like my James ML! First time round I couldn't resist the temptation to preserve the finish of all the ally/brass/bronze bits. But now doing them as best I can to the book! ( Engine and ancillaries were painted at the factory).

Some more parts added and painted to the Welbike.  Ron

W repaint3.jpg

W repaint4.jpg

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The rear wheel bearings where a bit pitted but I found a firm on ebay who have the correct cups and cones for not much money. So pressed out the old and pressed in the new. 

More runs in the red oxide than I want to see, so some W&D when it's hardened off tomorrow.  Ron

W repaint6.jpg

W repaint5.jpg

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You need to come sometime Lex and clear the caravan of Dutchie's parcels.  I spent quite some time researching the cable routes, and I think they are correct now.   Ron 

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As soon as it's possible Ron!  but now the Hull-Rotterdam ferry has ceased passenger travel, maybe that will happen for Dover-Dunkirk aswell??

Sure hope not!!

Cable routing, there's black tape on the clutch cable and frame as you can see on my B/W picture above, all original paint WB's have this, so is a factory thing.


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