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I have some Fox parts left after restoring 6 of them!

Two pairs of turret ammo bins (that go either side of the radio tray)

A pair of pretty good rear mudguard bins. A few creases and dings but no rot.  These are a matching pair of later type bins with the little door on the back. I also have loads of new door seals.

A very good fuel tank. Might be NOS

A rear turret bustle basket.

A pair of NOS track rods.

A set of 4 prop shafts in good order.

Plus half a stillage of useful small bits including NOS engine mount pads, NOS alternator pulleys (lots), NOS power steering pulley, NOS fan drive coupling, NOS toothed fan belt, NOS radiator core (still boxed), A SH radiator core (good), Quite a bit of rear armour bits including both rear panels and several spine assemblies.

I'm petty sure I have an original Fox parts manual as well.

These are all from memory but I will look for more details when I next visit my workshop in about 2 weeks (off sick!)

Let me know if you want anything specific. I can send photos if you require.

I have a fantastic Fox/Scimitar spec co-ax GMPG for sale and quite a lot of inert GPMG ammo and the correct ammo tins.


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Oh I forgot, there is an early tombstone (radiator pack/engine mount) and an early bell housing. Also 2 of the 3 parts of a fluid flywheel. Also a couple of turret floor plates (possibly battery cover ones).


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