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B Series oil filter question

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I thought I would change the oil and filter on my Champ, because it has not been done for a least 20 years due to being laid up, and I do not know previous servicing history. Bust I must say the oil looked very clean, as new really.

Purchased a new filter element from Marcus Glenn, but on removal of the used one I noticed that some parts where missing. I am missing items 18 & 19 shown on the fig below which means the filter element does not seal to the top casting and leaves the lower area unsealed, allowing oil to bypass the filter element completley.




Does anyone have these two items spare that I could purchase?


Does anyone know what material item 19 is made from and maybe the vertical dimention so I could make one.  I was thinking about a rubber grommet with the correct internal diameter to be tight on the centre rod, and the outside diameter tight on item 24. As far as I can see it should just seal between items 18 and 24 and the center rod.

Any assistance welcome.......


B Series



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I was just wondering if the filter you removed was blind at the end which would indicate it was intended for use in early engines that were not fitted with a bypass valve in the filter mount. So I wonder if your mount is early & does not have the bypass that would operate if the filter becomes clogged, in which case those bits you are looking for would not have been used. 

Or maybe you do have the later mount & if the element is blind on the lower end, someone has fitted the wrong filter & discarded the bits you are now seeking?

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Another source may be thexmod - most of these parts are common to K60s as well as the B series.  I don't think I've ever dismantled one of these filters that's actually had all the correct parts present!


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Thanks to all who have responded to my questions.

I have sent a request to Bannister's for parts availability, but no reply yet.  But in light of the comments made by Clive and I suspect that one part is missing because the filter has been changed from one type to another and item 19 seal is just missing. 

My Champ is fitted with a Tecalemit oil filter housing, and originally it would have had a filter element as shown in plate A 13 item 20 below from the parts book.




However when I removed the old filter it was a felt element type, as shown in plate A12 below, and items 18 & 19 were missing. Without items 18 & 19, the filter element is not clamped and sealed  against the top filter housing, and there will be no seal around the lower mounting of the element which means most oil will bypass the filter and be drawn up the centre of the filter rather then through the filter element! 



Question 1 ) I have not found a supply of the filters shown on plate A13, so I suspect that most Champ owners use a felt element as shown in plate A13 item 23. Can anyone confirm this?

If I use a felt element, I would need to find or make the missing items 18 & 19, to enable a good internal oil tight seal to promote the oil to travel through the filter. The Rolls Royce workshop manual for B Range engines describes item 19 as a cork seal, and I am wondering if the original cork seal just disintergrated into the oil over the years, but I could not find any evidence of it (but as the oil has been bypassing the filter, maybe the cork remains are in the oilways!). I have noted that I do have a few of bottles of wine in my cellar which appear to have corks that would be an idea size for seal making, I shall open a bottle this evening to allow some seal development and production tomorrow.

I would have to source or make a replacement item 18

Regarding the illistration above (plate 13), I find it strange that in the parts book item 24 is part of filter assy 21, but item 20 copper washer, which fits between them is listed as a separate part.

Question 2) Item 23 is listed in the parts book as part of the filter assy, but there is no seal on my old filter assy. I assume that part is also missing , Does anyone know the approx thickness or material of the seal.

So overall if I can use the felt filter element, and make a new cork seal and item 18, I think I see a way forward. All  comments welcome.


B Series.














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a simple, cost effective solution would be to change it to a readily available spin on filter-simple to change, might be an idea to speak to Robin Craig on this forum.....

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I suspect you will find that the felt filter element is directly interchangeable with the ones used for the K60 in FV430s, which look suspiciously similar to your item 20.


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Hi all,

Had no luck in obtaining an original cork seal from various dealers. I did consider converting to a spin on filter, but as I had already purchased a new felt filter I stayed with that option.  So after some measuring and calculation on length to obtain good clamping pressure on the filter element to ensure a good seal top and bottom when installed. I got on the lathe and made a seal (item 19) out of nylon, and  a new spring retainer out of an old steel washer. New felt filter and O ring seal installed, no leaks & all oil should now be flowing through the new filter. On to the next job.

Thanks for you comments and assistance.

B series.


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