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The Fort Paull Military Defence Camp Cooker Pressure Pot or the No1 Cooker

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Decided that the weather was nice to have a look at the burner again, put endoscope in and as usual brain not thinking as there was the "Fuel pipe" across the base.
Took out the plug and next idea get one of the bolts of same thread, yup not got one, had one M10, think the thread could be M12 pushed gently and no crack I was expecting if rust, it moved gently, back to original thought sludge, put about a litre of petrol in to soak over night, will give it a swirl out tomorrow before using a bit of the brake cleaning fluid.
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On 3/14/2021 at 10:30 AM, jenkinov said:

I would then let it dry and use kurust to stabilise the interior ..again repeat the process 3/4 times ...wait a week and repeat the kurust application again.



This may seem a stupid question but using the Kurust I assume all valves and connections should be taken off?

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