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I wanted a specific manual, not the 10 or so others in the lot. I didnt fancy paying the fees and then postage on a joblot when I only wanted 1 of them.

I am after a Commer Q2 30cwt manual and one was listed incorrectly in a postwar manual lot.

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On 9/20/2020 at 11:29 AM, Surveyor said:

I may post it on another thread once I get it back, I have a shot blaster lined up, getting to that stage i may need a small shot blasting rig myself for small i.e. briefcase size jobs

What is it ?  🤔

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Just now, private mw said:

I started thinking it was something with wheels or tracks post up some pics when you get the time 🙂

No don't have the funds for that kind of item especially when the extras added on top, they took a £50 deposit before you were allowed to bid so the costs were spread out for me, wasn't going much higher, think if advertised better a lot more interest.

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2 minutes ago, private mw said:

Nice you got a bargain 👍

That's what I thought, i have a few stoves and slowly getting them serviced and working looking at the picture I will do a photo survey first, see what's needed Fettle Box are good for washers etc.

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