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21 minutes ago, private mw said:

Wow just interested to see how much the Blackburn Beverley goes for I know a aircraft museum was interested in it ! But how much will it cost to move it ? 😮

Also meant to say dismantle it before moving it 🤭

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Wonder if they also went for the parts and film, they went for a good price, was watching to see what the market was like, glad to see the Railway carriage went for a good price, means saved, some prices were interesting and wonder who was wanting them

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those manuals all came out of the museum at beverley were they were inspected by  the PRO annually  as part of the conditions. the storage in the archives was monitored for humidity daily. To see what had happened to them makes me feel sick why did l and other's both to save them in the first place some were mint and rare. The vehicles that spent there time in dry storage taken out and placed in the open for years to ever call FORT PAULL a museum is a insult to those who tried to save these things in the first place. What will l do with my collection well l would sooner burn the lot what is the point of saving them in the hope that they would  be available to every one not a select few Who do l blame for this state of affairs the NATIONAL ARMY MUSEUM in the  first place the MOD and all of us for letting it happen For me l could not bring myself to go to the viewing or bid


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