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FV434 Artificer Toolbox


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Spoke with a friend not long ago, who mentioned that in the "Boot" of our 434 (apart from a few beers), we carried an assortment of tools, some of which where held in the "Tiffy Box", I am trying to work out what tools we carried in it. Track splitting & refitting gear I know. Does anybody know if a copy of G1098 is around for that box, or copy . Many thanks.

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TiffY boxes came in a couple of different types and generally held tools that were bigger than the standard toolbox and ones needed for more complex tasks. As an example a normal toolbox had a 1/2 Inch drive socket set while the tiffy box had a 1 inch drive socket set. They also had the tools that were generally only needed every now and again. Also things like thread insert kits and thread chasers etc.
If I remember right the scale was classed as A2 and B2 on a sections holdings denoting Specialist tools for specific jobs. No vehicle CES was in a tiffy box.

Hope that helps, if not let me know if you want more info.

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