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Wanted. Humber Scout/FWD parts

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Hi Ben, I recently found a Humber wheel in woodland (ex US WW2 vehicle depot) near Salisbury. I can let you know roughly where it is if you're local and feel up to hauling it out. It didn't look too bad, rusty but solid. Although I didn't inspect it in great detail.



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On 1/7/2021 at 4:03 AM, rupert condick said:


i am looking for information on this Humber box,


As I believe it has an RAF registration number.

Any other GXW regos considered.









This Humber box in your post is an ex-BBC vehicle and since been restored back to those times. Check out the fleet number on the door and it is very close to the number on the Oostende dock pass you posted on another thread, so likely that was another Humber Utility traveling to or from Belgium


Info with this photo:

A Humber 4 x 4 heavy utility vehicle on display at the Ardingly Vintage and Classic vehicle show - Ardingly, Sussex. According to the owners information, the vehicle was used by the BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) as an outside broadcast unit. The vehicle was then bought by a reporter and used privately. Here the vehicle has been restored to being part of the BBC fleet.


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