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I'm hopefully going to be a lucky owner of a Leyland hippo mk3b but I'm wondering if anyone knows any shops or websites that sells bits and pieces would love to here back and hopefully keep you all updated 

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1 hour ago, Listerj123 said:

Just a general enquiry i can fix the can myself but like dials and wiring looms ect 

Some dials /guages may be compatible with ones used on other vehicles, doubt if any wiring looms exist

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17 hours ago, Rootes75 said:

Looks great the Leyland, bet that took some work.

It spent 3 years sat in our workshop before we started it really but lockdown gave us a chance to get stuck in, we've spent about 5 months restoring that and a jeep side by side at the same time. I'll start new thread at some point with some pictures. 

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17 hours ago, Nick Johns said:

That looks nice, ..several Hippos have been modified to get a bit more speed by turning the transfer box around, run it in low range, it then works as a step up box

That is something we are considering, the local traffic are not friends with us at the moment!

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