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I picked this up with some junk I bought, never seen one before and very little info on line?

I did find mention of military use?

It looks very well made too, so any one seen one ?






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On 7/21/2020 at 12:03 PM, Highland_laddie said:

is it not one of these - Jupiter Invader Pump?



Yes it is I contacted Jupiter Pumps, who where very helpful, an Ex Navy lad in work has used them when all systems are down they can be used for all sorts, bilges fuel basic hydraulics etc. Very clever how they work with a crank and two pistons

I think it will go in the sales section when I get time to give it a polish and take some better photos, I am told they are £3000 new! I did se one ex MOD one at a surplus place for £400, still expensive though

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