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Triumph tool box.

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A good acquaintance of mine Jan-Willem (a Dutchman living in Texas) very kindly donated an original pre-war Triumph triangle tool box to my cause. (For my 5SW). Which arrived this morning.  It has however seen far better days. I'm going to do my best at making it usable, but I think there will be some JB WELD Plastic metal involved. I've already got the seized hinge free and lid open and retrieved the piston that was trapped within.

So far I've stripped it and given it some coats of JENOLITE   rust cure.  Ron




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I've removed the two pre-war wingnut fastenings from the lid and filled the holes. I then drilled and pressed the divot in for the central knob which hopefully Brian T will make for me. I also managed to  tack welded a new piece of sheet steel into the rotted base which I'll blend in with JB WELD when it arrives from ebay.  Ron



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Hi Ron,

Nice box (Ooh er, missus)

I'm sure you'll have that looking nice in no time 👍

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Good old JW, he should have shipped his parts all over when it was still on the company he worked for! 

Toolbox will be OK again soon I see Ron!



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Yep I've been cracking on with it. All primed and rubbed down now, after the red oxide coats.  Top coat tomorrow if I get back from our ride out in time. Ron


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Posted (edited)

Cheers Steve. Here's the finished result. 

Good point JW. Hence why it was rotted out at the bottom I suppose?  Ron

PS. I need to buy another one of the round knobs off Brian T. for the other box now.



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