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Triumph 3SW Fuel Tank

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Hi Bikermoss

The triumph 3sw and 5sw tanks are the ones without the cutout the 3hw was with the cut out .my  3sw tank was extremely troublesome due to corrosion .so I spent 4 years tracing a good replacement ..

In terms of cost i got mine for c300 but that was 4 years ago ...

They do come up but unfortunately many are in poor condition and overpriced ..a battered one regularly is advertised in India at 450 but is currently unsold ..also I have seen copies being offered as genuine but the underside of the tank is always the give away .

Hope you find one quicker than I did 




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Just checked and there is a 3sw tank advertised on eBay at £490 in Birmingham the bottom of the tank has none standard features so has either had the bottom cut out to repair it ..replaced with flat sheet steel or it's a copy .

Described as good condition but I suspect you will find it has been fitted with a liner and unless you are confident it's ethanol proof these can be a real issue ..I have currently  a matchless  g12 with a liner that's dissolving and I get milky coloured fuel ...


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I think Chris is building a 3HW to this early spec.  8" headlamp, ally chain case,  rear carrier etc... Basically a 3SW with a 3HW engine. Ron

PS edited because I think some early one even had Triumph forks.


Edited by Ron
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