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Unknown WW2 vehicle sign

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I would be most grateful if anyone can let me know if they recognise the attached vehicle sign.  It appears - to me - to be a goat on skis, perhaps with something just above (a pennant, piece of material, shape of country, or...?).  The sign was on the front of a British Army truck.  Any information about the type of truck would also be of interest.

Any insights or ideas welcome!

British Army trucks (1200) crop02.jpeg

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OK, let me throw this into the mix, shoot me down if you will:

The “skis” that the “goat” appears to be standing on, with closer inspection, look more like this Bedford badge. 
I am sure somebody will put me right but that doesn’t look like a Bedford lorry to me, so maybe it is there for another reason?  Bedfordshire & Hertfordshire Regiment, maybe? Consider also the “goat”. Perhaps not a goat, but instead a crudely executed version of the animal from the B&H cap badge?




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Or a Christmas Reindeer ? The truck is a Canadian Military Pattern (CMP) Ford with what is called a Number 13 cab (the final style). Probably a 3 ton F60L. The British army had them in considerable numbers.


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The truck is as David Hurbert stated, CMP with No 13 cab. Bridge plate looks to have either a 3 or 7 diplayed.

I think the vehicle has had a Bedford badge attached to the front grille, and a Christmas decoration reindeer has been tucked in behind it, you can see a bit of reindeer hoof/foot just below the Bedford badge. I expect it is a teddy bear above the reindeer.

Someone somewhere trying to add a bit of Christmas cheer.


B series. 



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