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Indian 741b tyre pump

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OK Steve I'm trying to find out. I'm told so far that Indian had the spring clips and Harley had the wing nut clips. If that's the case, then mine are wrong.  Ron 

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Here 2 pictures from the Model 640 manuals, seems the shorter pump was used here, but definetly spring clips, cannot find anything on the other type of spring clips. Also a scan of Bruce Palmers Harley book, about the pumps.




181 page.jpg

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Thanks for that Lex. It's quite a coincidence really, as I started to rearrange a couple of bikes in the "museum" on Friday and have just put my 741 in the workshop for a couple of small jobs.

I bought my tyre pump well over 20 years which was sold to me as correct for my 741? I thought I remembered that it was brass, which I've just confirmed with a magnet. (Apart from the end foot steady which is steel). It measures 14 1/2" overall and is shown in my photocopy parts list with part number 28W125X. .........But I definitely seem to have the Harley wing nut clips, which I'll correct some time. Ron 





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I've heard from several people that there is no response from "War department" website. I think Keiran's son took over when he died. I see him jumbling at Kempton, but don't think he's actually trading??? Ron

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No response for several years as far as I know Jenk. All I've seen in a long time is some jumble stuff at Kempton.

I know a few guys who have tried to buy a repro WD/C center stand listed on the site. I've no idea what happened to Keiran's stock, but someone ought to shut the site down really. Ron

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