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WW1 Riker restoration project

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I know some of the history. Here is a good image of it in its previous incarnation.

Hi there, finally I’ve managed to open my account on this page lol. Here are a few photos showing our Locomobile which will eventually become a double decker ww1 “battle bus”. Long way to go but

A few more photos of the Locomobile before we really make a start on her.👍

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Hello Tim,

From a different forum I was referred to a fellow that is associated with the remnants of the Hays collection.  two thirds of the trucks were liquidated with the remaining rigs being stored in a good warehouse facility in Reno.  This gent has invited me to drive west across Nevada and spend some time with him where we would take a look at the Hays collection as it now exists and also his own small collection of trucks.  This gent was also very familiar and a friend of Archie Crippen, the northern California truck collector whose collection was liquidated a few years ago.  I will ask him if any of the Hays trucks made it to the I-80 Museum.  There is also the Robinson Truck collection that is located in Salina Utah.   That collection may have a few rigs from the Hays collection also.


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I did not make it to the Van Horn Museum.  Iowa is quite a "drink of water" for me with Iowa being a couple of days drive one way.  I don't get that way often.  He must have had a decent collection, but it takes money to fund and operate a Museum and it sounds like the gas ran out for him and his family.  I would bet that more than a few of his  trucks ended up at the I-80 Museum. 


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On 11/3/2020 at 1:19 AM, alsfarms said:

OK Dorset Boy.... I took the bait.... How did the first day of Double Decker war bus work go?  Do you anticipate a full on rebuild and replace most of the wood.  Or is this a seek and destroy mission where you repair as needed and get on with the upper deck?  As I have studied your pictures, I can see the subtle differences between the Locomobile radiators and the Riker.  Do you feel the worm drive arrangement is the same for both?


Hellooo, so sorry, I don’t actually look on here very often so apologies for not replying.

The double decker body will be sympathetically restored with new wood as needed and then obviously new stairs and top deck when eventually we get there.

Really there are very little differences between the Riker and Locomobile, same model designation, all running gear identical apart from the starter provision on the Riker and of course different ignition system etc.

The Locomobile is relatively early so has the the radiator prior to the finned version of Locomobile, after that the name changed to Riker and again a finned version.




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