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A Guide to British Vehicle Markings


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3 hours ago, 67burwood said:

Your doing a great job keep it up, I can only imagine it’s a massive time consuming task.  👍


2 hours ago, Rootes75 said:

I think its a great resource and totally agree the time put into this is huge. 

Its of benefit to so many on the forum.

Glad to be of service!


I've updated the Higher Formations Insignia page today:



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I've added Commonwealth infantry division insignia. Not a complete set - I'm afraid I'm being rather neglectful of the CBI/Pacific/Far East theatre, but I will get around to it eventually.



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Bit of a shameless plug, but I've started a Twitter account to run alongside the website: https://twitter.com/squire_bev
I thought it'd be useful to have one central place to post updates, and I'll also be posting brief histories of particular units and formations, along with snapshots of their structure and markings.
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I aten't dead!

After a long hiatus I've managed to pull my finger out and write a separate page for Royal Artillery tactical markings:


Comments, corrections, feedback etc all welcome!


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Just made a 80 page hardback book to keep the veh signs in, i could not put the original front cover on it as i dont have a high res scan of it [ I do now] . so off to the printers to get my copy made.  Book came in the post today.

marking book veh front cover.JPG

marking book.JPG

marking book veh back cover.JPG

marking book page veh.JPG

marking  veh book.JPG

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This page has come along, I can see some good work ha been done,

I am trying to identify these markings,

there is a white diagonal running from lower left to top right.

I have not seen this except for a REME markings earlier in the post.

this marking appear on Austin K2Y ambulances in c1941 but where?

Middle or Far east.


the 7 is a positive the / runs over a 0 so looks 7/1 but is 7/0.

and a standard layout.for a MAC 502 ambulance.

which I now know that the white bar \ is for HQ unit


I am warming to the mark being 27/2 or 27/12.

found this what does it mean?










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It's been a bit of a nightmare to collate, but here's my first attempt at a timeline for the North African campaign.

Feedback and corrections welcome as ever.

If anyone can shed any more light on the 4th and 7th Armoured Brigades in 1940-41 I'd be very grateful, as I'm sure the 7th and 8th Hussars couldn't be in two places at once!

Apologies for the enormous image size. You might have to open them in a new tab to view them properly.

Middle East - Armoured Divisions



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Hi there well done,

I tried(ing) with the stepsister convoy (suez to Singapore/Australia)the same sort of thing, but the dates are very hard to confirm, I think a lot of information was written a little after the event.

An extension of trying to trace the old ambo's history,

I have some medical RAMC, (Rob All My Comrads as dad would say). movements

I will try to find.

this is may help but I am sure its posted elsewhere.and is common knowledge

and Australian,but its all I have. 












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Posted (edited)


hes a pic for you,

502 MAC(Austin K2y, 1941 model contract A1445) c1942



there was also a 17 area, but i do not have a picture.

16 HQ area and 17 area operated from 1941-1944.


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more info.
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Posted (edited)

So for the 502 MAC , M.E.

which appears to have been HQ based, I have the following, Formation / unit signs.


Formation /Unit. 16 Area H.Q.1941, 


Formation/ Unit 16 Area H.Q. c1942-1944


Unit and Formation 16 Area H.Q. c1944


unit sign H.Q. bar \, c 1944.


Found this for M.E.  March 1944.

although the hand sign is not mentioned here,

But in the text, 

a suitable sign to indicate that the vehicle is right hand drive and is not fitted with trafficators is provided for in M.E.G.O. 115 of 4 febuary 1944.


The sgin is quite faded here. on this 502 MAC Austin K2Y.


as the old ambo at home left the M.E. in 1942, there will not be a unit sign on the offside front wing, it maybe however the WD no. M.E..

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more information
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Just found this thread, and found it interesting.

I'm trying to determine where to put the numbers and stars on our Scammell Pioneer that we're nearing the completion of its restoration. I knew there was a book published originally as a set of guidelines, and see that Morris C8 posted a picture of said book. 

Can anyone give any guidance on where to put the H number and stars. Does the number go on side of bonnet or cab doors? Do i put a star on bonnet or cab roof? Star on sides of back body or on cab doors? etc etc

Many thanks. Richard

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2 hours ago, Scammell4199 said:

Can anyone give any guidance on where to put the H number and stars. Does the number go on side of bonnet or cab doors? Do i put a star on bonnet or cab roof? Star on sides of back body or on cab doors? etc etc

I would imagine the census number would go on the doors but I’ve seen pictures of both door and bonnet 🤔

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