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I have a couple of similar aircraft engineering books although not those particular titles which I imagine are fairly thick. Equivalent mechanical transport publications from the Army are not highly valued, but I find them invaluable for finding no nonsense straightforward old fashioned information. They are particularly useful in explaining things that sometimes one is too embarrassed to ask as you are expected to know that already.

Although I am sure there must be many aircraft enthusiasts, I am not sure how many feel they need too much detail on the principles of aircraft engines.  If the training books covered a particular aircraft or about flight instruments, radios etc they would be much more valuable.

So I would guess you might expect to get something like £20-£40 depending where you try to sell it. I don't expect a military/aviation bookseller would feel they would be titles that would fly off the shelves & unlikely to show any interest. Apart from the unsexy content they will be quite heavy so postage costs will make them less saleable.

You may be lucky & come across a collector of Air Publications who would like to add those volumes to complete a series on training books they are collecting.


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