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Does any body remember TRANCO VALVES i was told as a youngster my uncle Victor Luker was a rear gunner on Lancasters and as the story goes after the war he met a lady in Farnborough who had something to do with Farnborough engineering they married and he ended up in a management position at the company what i also remember as decoking was common in those days was that relatives on occasions  like birthdays would receive a set of valves for their relevant vehicle i also wonder what the company did during the war did they just make valves they must have been useful  in a military application   

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Certainly remember seeing packs of Tranco valves back in the 60s and 70s.

Decoking is back in fashion as petrol direct injection takes over from port injection, some of the manufacturers use an in situ blasting procedure using abrasives such as crushed walnut shells.

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