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Seeking Drawings for a Triumph 3HW Body Frame

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Hi All,


as per the subject line can anone provide a good multi-view / 3-view scale drawing for the Frame of the Triumph 3HW, I sure there must be one in the back of a maintenance or workshop manual? Anyone know of one?

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Unfortunately the 3HW parts list is only partially illustrated. The 3HW shares the same frame as the 3/5SW's and its pre-war predecessors. (forks are different). The 1939 parts list has this illustration but they use the same drawing for both the light and heavy weight bikes.....So probably not much help. 

There is a plastic kit on the market.  Ron




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Thanks for that Ron, every little bit of info is of use. I do find it odd that there was no 3-view drawing for the frame, almost every other WD bike does seem to have a drawing. Fingers crossed, let's hope someone turns one up. Maybe there's one buried deep in the Triumph archives at Warwick Uni


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