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Thanks for the add! My name is Chris Fabiano and I am from Buffalo, NY. I love WW2 history and collect vintage penny arcade games. My favorite machines are games that were converted to War Themes to capitalize on the patriotism during the war. I would be happy to share pictures if anyone is interested!

This hobby leads me to this:

Do any members have a copy of the short film "THE TANKS ARE COMING" from 1941? There is another movie form I believe 1951 with the same title. After the Sand pebbles played yesterday on TCM they played this short film in full color. it shows an average guys training at fort Knox Armored School in 1941. Looks like it had been available for free download in the past so somewhere out there an army armored or tank buff has it. In one shot they show the soldiers in gunnery practice on what were converted Bally Rapid Fire arcade shooting galleries. I have two of the actual games in the lineup. Unfortunately they're only on film for about seven or eight seconds and I couldn't get the camera out fast enough! I'm thinking (hoping) someone out there has downloaded the film so I don't have to wait until next USA Memorial Day. Please share with any tank buffs that you know who may have collected this film.

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Hi, Welcome to the forum, all interests are interesting to us on the forum, fire away with the pictures!

As to the film you mention I see only clips on YT but you never know someone here may have some info.

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