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Restoration 3 - 1943 James ML

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Steve, I made front and rear brake rods for one of my ML's.....quite an easy job......

The wheel hubs and brake plates on the ML were made by "The British Hub Co" of Birmingham........If you do an Ebay search under "British Hub" in motorcycle parts suitable brake operating arms often appear......

As for the sprocket, someone was having replicas made.....but anyway, it's another "British Hub" item........Villiers Services MAY be able to help here........?

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So the front hub is now rebuilt, and the investment of time has been well worth it, the wheel fits perfectly and spins like a top! Rear wheel next!

First attempt ... Approved or ?? I also make the screw and nut, but if they can be bought cheaper then I do it instead.   

Thanks Ferg but I'll pass on the hat! I've never wanted to be involved with the UK Mason's let alone the madness of the US lot!! My early MK1 ended up in India from where it was repatriated by Pe

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Lex my Flea has the same sort of thing as our early D's and C's. That is the slid in boss/bush and I guess a standard ferrule. Ron


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The Flea used standard-type ferrules.........but the ML on the Brake, clutch and decompressor levers uses a rather strange arrangement.........

This is basically an additional ferrule into which the end of the cable outer and the cable ferrule fits.......this extra ferrule has a small "pointy bit" through which the cable passes and this ferrule fits into the small hole in the lever bracket.......it is basically half a spherical ball on very thin metal.......difficult to describe, the photo does a better job.....


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On 7/5/2020 at 6:03 PM, flyingfleasteve said:

Thanks Lex. I believe I have stumbled across this chap on Facebook, I hand dropped him a line 👍 

If you don’t get hold of him let me know, I know where he lives ;) 

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I've never noticed a difference in that style till these pictures (I have 6-7 of them) I guess they are from slightly different eras/moulds. The one with the three notches is obviously off a car, so I'd use the other one.  Ron

PS are they identical.....or camera angles confusing me.

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Well, not to piss on your party Steve, there are 2-3 main variations, and I think the two above are postwar, all of mine, and the ones Arnaud made some replica's off, have the ridge where the HT cable goes in.

Another difference is the knurled special nut that was used on the older ones, see picture. (this is a US thread, not normal)

I think you can also see the details on the factory shots, will have a look.



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