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Restoration 3 - 1943 James ML

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So the front hub is now rebuilt, and the investment of time has been well worth it, the wheel fits perfectly and spins like a top! Rear wheel next!

First attempt ... Approved or ?? I also make the screw and nut, but if they can be bought cheaper then I do it instead.   

Thanks Ferg but I'll pass on the hat! I've never wanted to be involved with the UK Mason's let alone the madness of the US lot!! My early MK1 ended up in India from where it was repatriated by Pe

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It does Ron. A lot of the big jobs  now done, a few items left to paint but the engine in now rebuilt and sat in the frame, wheels about to be made so it’s all go..... it’s not uncommon for me to pop into the shed at 6.00am before work and again 6.00pm afterwards to carry on with it......😬

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So today I have hit a small problem. After cleaning the cylinder head the 18mm spark plug hole has been fitted with a 14mm reducer. After a lot of chiselling I managed to remove the reduced keeping the head intact. Although the threads left in the head appear fine they are slightly larger than 18mm. I am now at a bit of dilemma, do I:-

1. Refit a new reducer and run a 14mm plug.

2.Repair/helicoil it’s (I am struggling to find an 18mm repair kit?)

3. Look to purchase a replacement head, currently I am struggling to find one.

I would appreciated any advice.

Thank you in advance!


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Decent 9D cylinder heads are getting hard to find......worth picking them up when you see them, even with broken fins.....

Most post-war 9D heads have a screwed plug in the 14mm decompressor hole as this item wasn't fitted to civilian models. Of course, you can remove this but all the heads I've had in the past with the plug present required heat of volcanic proportions to budge !

As Ron noted, any decent engineering shop should be able to put in an 18mm metric insert.....

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Steve, in it's relaxed state! Mine is 7/16" X 3 3/4" long.......Oooooow Matron!!

Now Steve you know where I live, so can you pop down tomorrow and help me stretch it on again? 




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your a star! Thank you!

If Wales would let me out I’d be there to help put that spring back on 😉

The engine is now coming on well, I have been a little bit naughty and sprayed the barrel a different colour, my olive drab paint is super low and I would like to make sure I can finish the rest of the components first.....

I may come back to the barrel again ....




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No probs, just something that stood out to me!

Just looked at mine, and the top ones are not seperate pieces, but part of the casting!



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additional info
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The post-war stand was part number ML64ASS whereas the wartime was ML15ASS............

The post-war springs were part number ML643B whereas the wartime were ML643...........

The post-war springs were indeed probably slightly longer although to what extent I don't know. The key thing with the springs is to have them "springy" enough for the stand to automatically flip-up and then largely stay in place once retracted.....

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