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Triumph 3HW/5SW

Phil fin

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I've got the stays and rack fitted now. A bit of filing to slot the holes for a bit of wiggle room and get the mudguard central to the tyre. Some more primer next and remove the wheel for proper fitting after it's painted. Ron


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It's really nice to see these early bikes looking 'early', Ron...

The Chilwell records for Triumph 3SW Contract C7828 have an indistinct pencil notation. I think that it says "Particulars obtained from Triumph.  Range of Chassis Nos. must be forwarded. 29/6/40"

...it doesn't look as if they ever did....

Deliveries commenced 29/6/1940 with the last entry being 7/11/1940..."Received 1,318.  Balance cancelled owing to enemy action"...."This contract was terminated at 1,322 machines" (There had been post-dated entries for five further machines...It looks as if they weren't even sure how many they had.

In between times starting on 3/9/1940 they delivered the 145 5SWs of C8575.

Production ran concurrently with 3SW RASC contracts C6128 (which was completed) and C8079 which was also curtailed.


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Thanks Rik. Shame there are no frame/engine numbers for contract C8575.

Despite the records being lost, sometimes there is a chink of light. Like the chap who had his Dad or Granddad's army records/log books/diary with chapter and verse on the 3SW that he was issued. I was able to work out the frame and engine numbers for contract C4631, which I have relayed to Chris Orchard for inclusion in the next issue. Ron


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Anyway, I was looking at that last picture I posted last night and it looked like the rack was leaning back? Needless to say I couldn't sleep properly and was up at Sparrow's fart this morning to investigate.

By comparing with my 3SW, I discovered that the 3HW mudguard is sited about 1 1/2" further back than the 'S' models (bugger!)

But it didn't take long to work out that the mudguard can be swiveled forward by re-drilling the two holes for the saddle clamp that holds the mudguard to the cross tube under the saddle.

While I've been working on it, I also noticed a wobble in the rear wheel, which turned out to be, not the wheel but a badly molded Mitas tyre. Fortunately I had a new tyre in stock which I fitted and it's running true now.   Ron  



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I am a new forum member from Poland.
I have two Triumphs 3S from 1940.
Probably both were sent to Russia with the help of Lend Lease and served in the Polish army in Russia. Because they were not quite original, so I decided to restore them to the specifications from 1940. One will be the version of 3S de Luxe, and the other in the colors of Polish Air Forces in Great Britain.
I would like to ask for help in finding the motorcycle numbers in the contract numbers.
First (de Luxe):
frame number: TL 15567
engine number: 28594
Second (military):
frame number: TL 17954
engine number: 28675
Both have contract number: C 5108
I will be grateful for all comments.
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Phil ..did the lead on the 5s engine prove any value..I did locate a 3s engine clearly military but one restamped 

post war ...which is not unusual let me know if you are interested .I will send you the link.


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Yep what is happening with yours Phil? I'm reminded to post some "finished" pictures of mine. And between the pictures, I've also changed the saddle to a Lycette with NOS Rexene cover. Ron



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Hi people been bit quite I haven’t done anything major to the bike ulterior been using it how it is. Getting rid of a few problems.
First problem was the clutch sprocket bearing so i re-built that.  I Then took the casing to work and welded the hole up where it had rubbed. All back on now and running perfect. Re built the carb at the same time. 

Where does everybody get their paint from. Trying to finding people who will ship it to the Channel Islands is quite hard. 







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I have friends on Gurney Isle:-  Rick, Carl, Phil who I have bought paint for from http://www.rainbow-paints.co.uk/ I use their single pack Polyurethane mat. But I'm sure they have delivered it to the port in Poole. Otherwise it will have to be shipped by Parcelforce. I live in Poole BTW.  I don't know what service is running to those God forsaken rocks out in the ocean☺️  Ron 

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