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Jeep body panels

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Have written on here before, but not for a while. Just a quick question regarding the new Jeep body panels that are being produced here in the UK. I purchased a rear panel many moons ago from a company on Ebay who also dealt in Scooter spare, I forget their name. They seem to have disappeared, but other companies seem to be dealing in these parts. can anyone tell me if these are the same panels, as the quality of the rear panel was excellent, and I'd obviously rather buy the same quality panels, than cheaper made ones.

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They are out of stock of many parts. I’m waiting patiently for their new GPW front 1/4 panels which they say aren’t far off now.

The only issue I’ve had with their panels is the riser to rear floor fit. Both are JMP but there’s a 5mm gap. I’ve seen people fix this with much cutting and welding but I found 3 small cuts to the top and bottom flange (to be welded and ground flush after) fixed the gap for me.

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