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Hi,  i may have asked this before but can anyone help me to locate a model of a military Dodge Panel Van. I have a Dodge WC42 panel radio van. I know there are no models of this vehicle but there used to be a resin kit of a Dodge WC11 panel van which is identical in all but details. I have tried in vain to find it on the net. I know the same company that makes this van also does a resin kit of a half ton Dodge pick up truck. I seem to think it was an Australian company or was distributed by an Australian model shop. i am attaching a couple of pics i located some years ago of these models ,Plus a pic of what i think is a scratch built model of a panel van ( superbly modeled too ) and therefore not a model that can be purchased,  unfortunately these pictures do not give any details.

regards Mike






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I think Gunze Sangyo made the WC11 model, if that helps. Good luck with your hunt!

And yes, you did ask this before, but the answer then was CGM models. 


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Hi and thanks for your reply. I have tried both CGM and Gunze links and up to now no success, ( it might be my lack of internet skills ! ). I did find it listed along with a half ton carryall and half ton pickups but no option to buy. I will keep on trying

regards Mike

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