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inporting from france

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Hi Colin,

3 places I started when i wanted to do something I hadn't a clue about:-

here -  there are so many good guys on here that can tell you what you need to do

MVT - if you can talk to the right people, like here a wealth of knowledge

DVLA - a bit hit and miss, talked to really good people who spent a long time talking to me helping me figure out what form I needed to put where, but then I also spoke to a numbty who told me I would not be able to drive my Spartan on the road....

Welcome to the site

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seems like a good place to start, the web page title is

Importing vehicles into the UK

say you need V55/5 form to register a used vehicle, including rebuilt vehicles, used imported vehicles and older vehicles that have never been registered

unless someone knows different.

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more facts
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