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Rubbolite Model 63

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I'm slowly plodding through the wiring on an ex M.O.D. tug, most is now working, but there's nearly always something that doesn't quite make sense.

Can anyone advise as to whether the lamp(s) holder (with conductor strips) on a Rubbolite Model 63 indicator/side light unit, deteriorates with age ?

I've done a continuity test, got 12V going to it, 5W bulb is good, can't see a break in the conductor strip, even tried the old silver paper trick between bulb contacts and conductor strip.

Indicator works fine....side light doesn't ?   I'm just wondering if I could build up the conductor strip with solder ?



IMG_4110 (2).jpg

IMG_4112 (2).jpg

IMG_1139 (2).jpg

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Soldering the conductor strip made it work slightly better, but still erratic, replaced plate with spring loaded b.c. holders and single pole bulbs (replacing the twin pole bulbs)....works perfect.

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