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Thanks for the add. I have a reconstructed British Army jeep, comprised of at least 5 jeeps: 

Data plates - GPW 44607 - 1 July 1942

Body - ACM type 1 209337 - used on about MB 286xxx to 287xxx or GPW 164xxx to 165xxx - early Dec 1943 (now a new body)

Frame horn stamping - 206596 - MB about 25/1/1943 or GPW mid June 1944

Tag on top of rails frame 1595360 - 1945/6 British Army rebuild

Engine - 15669 - 1980

Shovel - B-150925 - Stuart Tank

Jerry can - 1986

A real mixed bag! 

As a 1945/46 British Army rebuild I am marking her up as from that period. She is painted in Deep Bronze Green. I am now about to get her stencils done and want to mark her as being attached to the 2bn Queens Own Royal West Kent Regiment from 1946 when that battalion was attacked to the 5th Infantry Division in the BOAR. 

Does anyone have any information or photos of what logos/stencils she would have relating to RWK? 

As it stands at the moment she will have her hood number (M1595360), the 5th Division white Y on yellow background on the windshield and rear bumperette, some sort of Invicta as the logo for RWK (possible one attached) and nothing else  

Any advice is greatly welcome! 








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In addition to the knowledge available here, there is an excellent resource for information on Jeeps used by the British Army at the Facebook British Army Jeep Research page.

If you have not signed up, it would be well worth your while. It is a very friendly, well managed group.


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