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FV 430 towing


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Hi, I’m not sure on the exact rules for the 430 series, but with most AFVs with auto gearboxes you normally have to remove the shaft between the final drive and gearbox if you’re going to tow it any great distance or speed as you can otherwise overheat the gearbox. But as long as you’re in neutral and only drive slowly and short distances you will be fine towing it as you describe.

There will be plenty of 430 experts and ex REME mechanics though who can confirm.

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The User Manual says (hint!):

606. In an emergency, the vehicle may be towed FORWARD up to half a mile
without too serious a risk of causing damage without disconnecting the
propeller shaft. In NO CIRCUMSTANCES must the vehicle ever be towed in
607. If towing for a greater distance is necessary, report to R.E.M.E. for
608. An 'A' frame towing bar should be used and the towing speed must not
exceed 10 mile/h.

However, very slow speed short distance moves in and out of a barn, for example, shouldn't hurt - we've all done it.  The issue is that unless the gearbox input shaft is turning, its internal oil pump isn't running.


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So it's the gearbox that could get damaged though towing, anything in the steering box that can get damaged? Just for future reference in case I needed to recover. Good to know that if I disconnect the prop I can recover with the tractor! Is this right?

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Steering boxes will not be damaged by towing as long as the brakes are fully off. Similarly do not steer by gently pulling a lever for any amount of time because the oil gets squished out from between the bands and the drum but the brake is still slipping and heat builds up quickly. Instead steer in a number of firm applications. Not so elegant but much better for the steering box. As said above the issue is purely that the auto box will not take long distance tows in neutral with the engine not running. There is no question that shunting in and out of the barn won't do any harm but anything over 1/2 mile is risky.


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