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RAF Royal Enfield

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I keep looking at that control Rik, but can't make it out. It appears to have a tube, Bowden/wiring cable coming from it?  Ron

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I almost wondered whether it was the rear 'inspection lamp' part of an MT110 ? What would the job of these two warrant officers on motorcycles have been ? Something to do with bombers taking off at night ? They were certainly off-roading....

It looks as if the 'Royal Oilfield' was living up to its nickname too.

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Thanks Rick and good luck. Our booked trip to Etreham will obviously be on hold now. Ferry is paid for so hoping for some sort of credit note and try for later in the year if it's ever possible?

Rik, just studying that picture some more, there appears to be something odd under the CO speedo?



RAF DSC03387 (4).jpg

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