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Todays bargain !!.  These Leyland mobile workshops look a good buy. There is no mention of the  Ham (Kingston) works in the advertisement , more on this another day .   Richard Peskett

I thought with the general international situation that a few things from my collection / library will be of general interest to all and make light reading which  I will for the time being gradually a

The London General Omnibus Co. 'B' type  - straight from the 'Western Front' ,well not quite . Faced with the disposal of over 2500 vehicles  from 1919 onwards these being replaced by the larger 'K' a

Posted Images

Back to the Government disposals of 1919 this advertisement that appeared in 'Surplus' for June 1919 predates Slough involvement when it was still a free for all  regarding the sale of motor transport. The magazine  'Surplus' was an official weekly government publication  which ran into the early 1920s. What was on offer and the quantities are truly amazing  from kitchen utensils to floating docks , railway locomotives to aerodromes and complete factories with township included .Some incorrect spelling in this one, Garrick should read Garrett and Rushton  being Ruston ,all smaller steam tractors. (The Rushton ic engine tractor by AEC did not appear until 1928 ) .


Richard Peskett.

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On 6/29/2020 at 6:57 PM, TonyB said:

I believe their real value is transmitting power with heavy power loads, mills, pumps, and the steering gear on the Titanic I read.

If you google about you will see that the Titanic steering gear used the even more stupid triple-helix design. 

(with a double helix the two sides can balance the load by floating the pinion laterally. Not so with a triple. And you can't cut the gears with a sunderland planer either. 


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19 hours ago, Great War truck said:

In 1929 FWD Slough offered this three wheeler which looks to be predominantly built from parts of leftover Model B's. I wonder how many they sold?


FWD? Front wheel drive? and it’s begging for some armour and a maxim or a 2 pound anti-tank gun. I’d buy one just for shopping locally.  

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