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1 Ton/20cwt Trailer rear reflectors

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Can anyone advise on the correct format for rear (ie red ) reflectors for my trailer. It is of the type where all the outriggers carry reflectors whether white, amber or red. I have recently bought a replacement number plate (left hand) outrigger. It has holes in it in a triangular pattern, although that doesn’t tell me which type of reflector was used, as the triangular reflector (9 x small circular reflectors) has the same bolt pattern as the large circular reflectors (c4 inch diameter). The location of the holes suggests that the triangular reflector will interfere with the stop light and indicator light rims, which means the large circular reflector seems the logical choice, mounted below, on both sides?

In addition the right hand outrigger has a triangular top (where on the left it’s the number plate bracket) and existing holes that suggests something triangular above the circular reflectors as previously described above. A triangular reflector above a circular reflector? Perhaps originally it was the T reflector showing a trailer?

Any pictures gratefully received.


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29 minutes ago, Manylandrovers said:

This is what I have decided. I’d prefer to see the triangular shaped units with small circular reflectors within, but these larger circular items fit much better.


I suspect  trailer should have a set of triangular reflectors to comply with regulation. (I always retain the right to be wrong of course).



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Found this post on Land Rover Series One Club forum (Reply #247):-

No...this sort of extra reflector remains the one thing that makes the rear of any  trailer   distinctive. 

At the time the post war Brockhouse trailers were made they might have had a single or pair of  T shaped ones ...an arrangement of small round red reflectors against a white background. On a vintage display trailer you might get away with this. But I suspect that traffic police would be looking for the modern pair of regulation triangles if someone ran into the back of you.

I am sorry but I have to argue against that popular misconception.  What you say is true only of trailers built on or after 1st July 1970.

Road vehicle lighting regulations say that any trailer needs two rear retro reflectors. That I do not dispute.

Reg 18 and Schedule 1 states all vehicle and trailers must have rear retro reflectors, without any exceptions.

Schedule 18 of the 1989 act and Reg 3 EEC directive 76/757 require that any trailer (other than a broken down motor vehicle being towed) manufactured on or after 1.7.70 must have a pair rear retro reflectors that show certain approval marks. (The reflectors can only have the approval mark if they are triangles, the size and shape being part of their design that allows them to carry that mark, ie they will a triangle  Length of side 150 to 200mm etc or they cannot gain that mark).

Slightly different requirements apply to trailers manufactured between 1.7.70 and 1.10.89, to the requirements that apply to those manufactured after that date but that doesn't concern my trailer or an early  Brockhouse. (Requirement relate to approval markings the retro reflectors must carry.)

There is a requirement for a pre 1.1.70 to be fitted with rear retro reflective makers (schedule 1) but there is no requirement as to the shape, size or any markings they must carry (schedule 18 5. (b) (iii))

The Roset trailer I am towing is 1953 hence pre 1.7.70, so the only requirement is that it has two rear retro reflectors, which it has.  They are round, which is acceptable since there is no requirement for them to be triangular or to have any markings or for them to be in any particular position on a trailer of this date. 




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I was looking at said schedule this afternoon and I agree with you. I have to say I think the triangular units with 9 small circular reflectors look good, but don’t appear to fit (the mounting  holes are identical as it turns out).
As I said above the right hand bracket seems to have holes for a reflector both above and below the light units. Does anyone have any nice old pics of said trailer that demonstrate how reflectors were originally fitted?

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