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Raf glasses, stores ref 22c/4604 or 22c/1751271 or 22c/4436


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A few years ago, I was going through the back shelves of my local military surplus store, and happened upon these glasses. I’ve never seen anything like them, and haven’t found the particular stores reference, although I do know that the 22c means flying kit. To further confuse matters, the outer label on the plastic case has had the 4604 inked out and replaced with 1751271. Even more confusingly, the frames themselves have 22c/4436 on them.

Has anyone come across these before, does anyone what they are for or even know what the abbreviation S.L.A.P. stands for? Bit stumped here. All i know is that they are made by Pilkington, and that the lenses are in three layers. Closest to the face is normal glass, the middle layer is a translucent material which seems to be delaminating, and the outer layer seems to be plastic. 






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This explains why "4604 inked out and replaced with 1751271" 

UK stores reference numbers, 22C series
Latest update 10 March 2010

This is a guide to RAF stores reference numbers applied sequentially to flying clothing officially issued to RAF aircrew up to 1965. All flying clothing has a 22C prefix. After 1965 the RAF adopted the American inspired NATO stock number (NSN) system in the following format 8475-99-130-0182 (stock number for a pair of Mk.6C anti-g trousers, size large). For national use the 22C systems is still applied using the last seven digits of the NSN. Thus the national stores reference for the large Mk.6C anti-g trousers is 22C/1300182.



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