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First coat of primer in engine bay today.    

Because you know it's there! 🙂

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Dale, I can only offer that you contact the Tank Museum at Munster, Germany. This is the Bundeswehr's vehicles, weapon & equipment museum. Military Run, so thier Library department should be able to help perhaps?

Also, the Bundesarchive may be able to copy a manual (Or have a spare ) to help you out?

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On 4/13/2020 at 3:40 PM, daleheywoodtanks said:


These are a carry over from German wartime tanks. typical German attention to detail! They are cone shaped, to resist Bullets & shrapnel. IE: Helping to deflect them.

The Turned down opposite 'spigot' end, is to assist in lining up the holes in a section of armour plate. Armour as you are aware, is HEAVY! So lining plates up by hand can be a little 'tricky'! The 'spigot' end helps find the threaded hole to get a bolt in a few threads, whilst you get the next one in & so on.

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I have decided to take Ferretfixer and Bob Grundy's advice and WAIT !

until i can get a manual from Bovvy or Munster. Although it is very frustrating that i cant move engine extraction forward.

I suppose it makes sense, easy to break something that is very difficult to replace.

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At last i have found 'The Man'

An ex-panzergrenadier who used to work on these, he has explained the engine removal process so we are having a go at it tomorrow. Given time he will be getting me the manuals etc   EXCELLENT !

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