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First coat of primer in engine bay today.    

Because you know it's there! 🙂

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17 hours ago, daleheywoodtanks said:

Hi lance. 
the history of the vehicle is not something I have looked into as yet, but I will. 
engine needs new diz and carb. 
some wiring needs sorting as well. 
l’ll try for some pics tomorrow. 

Is it a RR B80/81 Engine in these?

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17 hours ago, daleheywoodtanks said:

I have lots of B series parts, too many really. 
I should be ok. 
I wonder what jets are in the carb. 

RR should be able to help with jet sizes. Unless you can get a german copy of the parts list?

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4 minutes ago, daleheywoodtanks said:

Looking everywhere for manuals etc 

evidently Rhienmetal will be accommodating when they reopen. 

Excellent! I feel Germany will be your best bet for hard copy manuals. The Bundy stuff is not held in as high esteem over here. & thus Info is harder to glean!  German Armour is Scarce in private hands over there also. Due to the strict Laws on 'Deactivating' Armour plate itself. So they tend to collect Manuals etc as it is easier. The Tank Museum at Munster may well be of assistance for you? Prices for Ex Bundy vehicles when available. are much cheaper in the UK than Germany Itself.

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