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I am looking for details of the Coventry works 15 inch howitzer. I have a side elevation drawing from the manual, and the early Ken Musgrove drawings seen on the "landships" web site leave a lot to be desired in all honesty. IWM have a copy of the manual published by  HMSO. But difficult to source. I did find some extracts from the manual listing the battery loads for wagons and drawings of how the gun was emplaced..interestingly, the barrel has screw threads to engage the gun tube into the cradle ??

A company D P and G Military Publishers had ordnance manuals, listing nearly 100 different artillery pieces. I had used them in the past, but they seem tp have gone into liquidation. Their site shows a lot of the publications have been auctioned off, to whom or where is a mystery, does any one know where they may have ended up ?? One major item I need details of is the breech, it is a wellin type, I have some info for this type of breech, but the 15" appears to consist of the breech block contained in a ring or collar.

OK a long list of wants, but can anyone help with any info.

Thanks in advance.




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