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Fordson WOT6

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Light at the end of the tunnel...

Taking full advantage of the on going lockdown and have nearly finished the welding on the cab 🤥 , well 3/4 done away , had my first noise complaint!! Luckily it was only from the wife so that doesn’t really count😬

Having recently replaced my gas bottle with a hobby weld one I am burning through it like there’s no tomorrow, has anyone else noticed this over the BOC bottles? admittedly it is a smaller capacity but it’s disappearing fast.


finished making the last of the body mounts, as the previous 3 it’s not pretty but it’s strong and won’t be seen once fitted.



Was very pleased with myself and welded it in place, so pleased that it had extra weld just to make sure, that was a mistake ! Double checked my measurements, lined it up but still made a boo boo.. didn’t re check the height 🤨 small amount of swearing later I had to cut it, move it and re weld ( not showing those pictures )


Lastly, formed the corner panel with the aid of the gas bottle











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this is probably a stupid question but what finish would my wot6 have left the factory in? Matt , semi gloss ( satin ) or gloss 


I’ve spoken to a local paint supplier and quoted BS 381C298 which they are happy to mix to any of the above finishes, also cellulose or 2 pack.

they have quoted £153 + vat for 5lt , sounds expensive but I’ve nothing to compare it to.

Any advice would be welcome 

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Shop around, RR, Marcus Glen, Jawel paints and Arc-rite and others all do mail order paints for around 1/3 of that.

I have used all of the above, all are reliable and quick and will provide what you want also spray cans of your chosen paint, handy for later touch ups.

Give them a call.


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Welding complete!!! , well.. lower part of the cab anyway, no doubt anyone following this blog will be board senseless with my posts, welding, grinding, welding grinding etc etc... I was beginning to feel the same way.

These are the last few pictures of the repairs before I order the industrial size pot of filler that will be required to make it look nice. 












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No, not bored but very impressed with your stamina and commitment. I think that most people would have regarded it as not worth saving. Most of these cabs were rotted out 40 years ago which is why these trucks are so rare now.


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The only way these vehicles will be saved is by people like yourself putting in all this skill and work.

I finished a 10 year restoration of a 1950 Commer last summer, welding/grinding/welding/grinding sounds so familiar.

Keep the pics coming, its nice to see how others tackle problems.


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On 4/1/2020 at 9:15 AM, 67burwood said:

Hi Richard

any pictures would be greatly received, the truck is fairly complete, the main item missing is the engine cover, I have the hood bows, rear mud guards and a ton of rotten timber, I will carefully hunt for the chassis number later today. 

Truck being delivered!! 

Very novel way of being transported, in a covered truck that is.

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Its a good idea to be covered. I had a lorry brought back from Cambridge down to Somerset on a lowloader a couple of years back.

The original wooden dropside body was on the chassis but in such a state the haulier used nets to keep it all together for the 200+ mile trip.


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