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Fordson WOT6

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What is the gauge (thickness) of the metal? Looks to be a all one piece. I would say they made the two 90°bends at the bottom of the closed section, then bend and close the doubled up section and finally bend the second bend of the channel and the z bend 


Use the tool row 1, 5 across and then row 3, 1st across to make the folded flat section. And most likely the tool on row 1, 2nd across to do the rest. Although it may need the last tool depending how close together the bends are.

At the very least it gives you an idea of what's possible and how these things were made.

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6 hours ago, Motleyholt said:

What is the gauge (thickness) of the metal? Looks to be a all one piece. I would say they made the two 90°bends at the bottom of the closed section, then bend and close the doubled up section and finally bend the second bend of the channel and the z bend 


Use the tool row 1, 5 across and then row 3, 1st across to make the folded flat section. And most likely the tool on row 1, 2nd across to do the rest. Although it may need the last tool depending how close together the bends are.

At the very least it gives you an idea of what's possible and how these things were made.

Thanks Martin, that’s an incredible amount of information, it’s amazing how much effort goes into forming these shapes. 

I’ve ordered this edge strip from F.H.Brundle


Its similar in size, I am going to cut the inside lip out and see if that works, it’s cheap enough to give it a go. 

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Posted (edited)

Had quite a productive day today, made a decision to replace most of the door skin rather than repair, it was at the point where there was just to many repairs needed.



Once the skin was removed it was easier to repair the frame.

Repair sections for both sides.


Lined up and welded



Unfortunately the lower part of the pressed sections of the door were also to far gone to repair, I really didn’t want to loose the look but also couldn’t think of any way of reproducing the pressing with the limited tools I have…….so I came up with a new design!!! Hope you like it.





I cut slits in the curves to loose them, welded small sections of 2mm plate to give the desired affect and finished with a bottom edge.




It will require a bit of fettling and some work with the filler but I think to looks ok.







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Posted (edited)

Today’s progress report 

My task for today was to repair the top of the frame and fit a new door skin, or so I thought 🤔

I decided to do a dry run and fit the door to see if it actually still fitted before anymore repairs were done, obviously I was being optimistic thinking it would fit like a glove……wrong 🤨

Some serous fettling was required to the hinges, this involved a vice and big hammer!!  After a couple of hours adjusting the fit was pretty good. 


Now it was time to repair the top of the frame. 


This tea bag turned out to be a bit fiddly as I didn’t want to loose the shape of the skin around the window. 


cut away each section until I got to a workable shape. 


Out came the angle iron again to form the bend, now this might sound obvious but I used a rubber mallet to bent the steel instead of the usual club hammer, not sure why I’ve never used it before but it doesn’t leave the odd hammer mark that the club does. 


The repair section was made up from two angle bits of steel and spot welded. 




Finished with a bead of seam sealer to tidy up the dodgy welding. 


The new door skin will now have to wait until next week. 

Lastly…thank you to Eddie1983 for coming up with a NOS mirror arm 👍


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Posted (edited)

Evening everyone 

Managed to finish off the last big job on the passenger door 🎉

I’ve never re-skinned a door before so it was all a learning curve.

Mistake number one!!


After measuring the slots for the hinges and carefully cutting them out I realised that I’d measured them back to front 🤨 



After re-cutting the slots and the sheet to size it was ready to fit, joggled the  top edge and offered it up.



Applied seam sealer around the edge and the centre bar, not sure if this is the done thing but I thought it can’t hurt. Fitted the skin carefully then went about bending the lip over which is easier said than done. 


And then the slow process of thin welding, definitely not my favourite activity 🙄



Ground back and ready for filling.



Re-hung the door again to check it still fits, it didn’t 🤔!! Somehow fitting the skin and welding had put it slightly out of square, one block of timber as a wedge and some minor tweaking it was back to where it needed to be. 


The original skin now makes a nice piece of wall art, although the wife said it would be best suited in the garage 😬

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1 hour ago, Rootes75 said:

Well done! It looks great.

Welding thinner guages is always tricky to me.

Thin gauge welded to old steel is painful but nothing a smear of filler can’t sort out. 

1 hour ago, Highland_laddie said:

So you managed to get a NOS door then 😉


oh yes 🤥 it has a couple of poor storage scuffs but it’s not bad. 

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Finished work a bit early today and decided to have a crack at one of the windscreen frames.

This is the closest size channel I could find off the shelf, just had to cut the inner edges out and grind clean. 


Cleaned off the edge of the frame, it’s badly pitted but still serviceable. 

Minor repair to the surviving part of the channel.



All lined up and tacked in place.



All starting to take shape, a bit more welding, grinding and fettling, 🤞it still fits the cab 🤔




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Door number two is now under construction and I thought the passenger door was bad!! Wrong 🤨 the 1/4 inch thick filler on the skin was an early indicator 🙄





It wasn’t to long before the door just got smaller and smaller




The hinged side was particularly bad and a new inner and over section were needed.





I’ve replicated the same repair panel as the passenger door, just need to finish the details. 



Hopefully in the next coming week the skin will be fitted and I can start prepping for paint. 

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3 hours ago, 7VHU said:

Great to see what can be done....nearly as bad as a 20 year old Defender...

Keep up the good work




Thanks Peter but I think your being a bit optimistic about getting 20 years out of a defender door 😂😂


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Two Steps Forward One Step Back!!

“ The drivers door “

Now….I am not a religious person but…..” God give me strength “ 🤬🤬

this door is driving me up the wall !! The drivers door is actually far worse than the passenger, it’s basically fubar….but the likelihood of getting a replacement is slim to none.

My plan for Saturday was to adjust the hinges and hang the door followed by fitting a new skin…..well that didn’t happen 🤨


I knew the hinges would need a fare amount of fettling to hang the door straight, bearing in mind next to nothing on the cab was original to start with so everything is having to be fabricated to fit individually.

After hanging, removing and adjusting the door hinges ( big hammer and vice )  about 50 times it was starting to look right but there was one small tiny problem 🤔

Jump back about a year ago when the cab was being rebuilt 



This was one of the few sections of cab that didn’t get replaced by me, It had however been repaired by a previous owner, the passenger side was replaced by me as it had rotted away. Jump forward to yesterday and see if you can spot the problem.




Was this a school boy error by myself for not spotting or checking an older repair?? I’ll leave you to decide.

Having explored all options on how to solve the problem, I even tried to bend the door frame slightly to cope with the curve in the cab but with no success, the only option was soul destroying but had to be done 😩





Block of wood and a hammer !! I’ve now just added on a couple of days more work but the door now opens and closes.



And as if destroying the side of the cab wasn’t enough I then slipped with the grinder and a cutting disc and ran it across the top of my thumb 😢

A small amount of blood loss and a lot of swearing, I gave up for the day


hopefully I’ll get the door skin fitted next week.

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20 minutes ago, john1950 said:

Cuts cusses and claret come with the territory.  Wait until you start on the Mat. You have done the metalwork apprenticeship then you have the woodwork to start. Please be careful. Great job. 

I have a selection of nail guns and sharp chisels, what could possibly go wrong 😬

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Drivers door done….

Cut out the new skin yesterday afternoon 


Slotted the hinges first.


Joggled the top edge and trimmed.


I tried a different method fitting this skin, I applied a generous bead of seam sealer and clamped the skin in place then left it overnight to cure, this made folding the edges so much easier when the skin is stuck in place.


Folded and tacked in place, just needs the welding joined, grinding and filling.


Not sure if I’ve bought enough filler 😬

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