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This is a really good thread, the level of effort and workmanship are great.  Whilst I am drinking my way through lockdown and winter you are cracking on and doing some really good work.  I think many of us could learn a lesson here. Keep up the good work (particularly the tin-work).


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It’s been a busy few days, I’ve used every scrap of spare time in a big push to finish the back panel 🎉😬 22 separate pieces of sheet steel folded, joggled, curved and welded in....I must need my

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9 minutes ago, Scrunt & Farthing said:

Whilst I am drinking my way through lockdown and winter you are cracking on and doing some really good work

No one in their right mind would really do this sober 🍻

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Evening all, here’s tonight’s instalment for your amusement and viewing pleasure 😬


Today I tackled the front section of the roof, 3 repair section joggled, whittled and fettled into place.

I clamped the roof down in position so I could use the edge of the scaffold board as my roof line 


I had already cut the rotten gutter edge off at the point.



I spent quite a lot of time bending, shaping and getting the fit just right, I wanted to make sure the panel wasn’t under any stress or pressure to avoid similar problems that the rear had.


Section 2 in and spot welded, I wasn’t rushing the welding to avoid warping 


Section 3 in place, the original roof is so battered and out of shape I just had to follow the lines that were there.



Several cups of tea later and it’s all welded, I was probably excessive on the time I was leaving in between welds to avoid heat distortion but was It worth it ?? 


Still distorted but not as bad as the rear, it’s a small problem that I can over come....unlike the rear 🤨 I had to put 3 separate slits in the in the rear panel to reduce the spring, it was like it was laughing at me... I’d straighten one section and the next would spring out, I’d bend and move the next panel and the previous one would pop out !! Talk about loosing the will to live 😩 .......but.... I have a new plan🤔


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Straight or not, it is a vast improvement on it's previous condition.  Any way, quality work always takes a bit more time, and there is always time for another mug of tea

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Not much progress at the moment, I’ve managed to bare metal the roof and it’s not as bad as I thought 🤥




A couple of coats of bonda to protect it and show what needs repairing 




Now ......I don’t want to blow my own trumpet.......but .......I pretty confident that when I am finished you won’t see a single repair !! 

You’ll see about 50  😬

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Posted (edited)

Quick update, I tackled the tin work around the copular this afternoon, it still needs grinding and cleaning up but the hard work is done. 

I cut cardboard templates a few days ago into 4 separate sections 



 It’s not very economical cutting curves




I decided to cut out one section at a time just to keep the copular from falling out, it turns out that there was only 7-8 spot welds holding the entire copular in place, the rest was just filler.



Section one


section two 


number 3 goes in


Last one 😬


All welded and ready for grinding ( oh joy !! )


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Posted (edited)

Not much to report at the moment, work has kept me pretty busy so I’ve not had a lot of free time, I might have to remind customers that I’ve got a truck  to finish building!! 😬

Today was a noisy day, the grinder was working overtime.... the welding around the copular was flattened and I bare metalled the inside of the cab roof before giving every a coat of the red stuff.




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Well done, the neighbours will like the grinder...😁

Had the same problem when getting all paint and lots of filler from my bonnet with louvres...

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Now.......be honest.....is the filler noticeable 😬


I can officially say I hate filling and sanding 🤨  the never ending job of roof repairs is becoming slightly tedious!! But there is light at the end of the tunnel so onward we press.  

Today’s job was forming the gutters and dry fitting the back panel and roof together.....what could possibly go wrong 🤔


The gutter doubles up as the seat for the roof section, folded strips of steel were simple to make in the vice. 

The corners were a bit more time consuming.


When the gutter is fitted to the roof it will seat on the back section like so.


Punched holes along the rear to enable the gutter to be spot welded into position. 

Starting to take shape 


This was the ideal opportunity to straighten the rear section of roof , a couple of lengths of angle iron were clamped in place to straighten the back edge before welding. 

and it now doesn’t look to bad🎉


Clamping together wasn’t to bad, there is a cap in the centre were the rear section bowed but I’ve drilled and bolted both sections together and I am slowly tightening the bolts to gently pull it in.


finished off with a coat of the red stuff 



Next job is the windscreen and top of the door shuts, can’t wait 🤥


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This is why you take lots of photos.  Then, when you get to this stage you can look back at what you started with, give yourself a pat on the back and know you have done a damn good job.  

BTW, is that your Fergie in the background?

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1 hour ago, radiomike7 said:

Brilliant work, but did you realise your copular is actually a cupola?😁 

I do now👍 Spell check isn’t always right 😂

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1 hour ago, Zero-Five-Two said:

BTW, is that your Fergie in the background?

Oh yes!!    a recent purchase, well actually more like a give away that I couldn’t turn down

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Quick update 

progress has been a bit slow !! one has procrastinated for far to long over the roof and windscreen🤔 , by the time I actually pulled my finger out it had gone lunchtime and I only managed to fit the front gutter. 


Angled steel was fitted first which will form part of the windscreen frame 



Followed by the only surviving gutter strip.



Next up will be the top door shuts, a job for next weekend. 

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