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Fordson WOT6

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The WOT6 in the link above is my one 👍🏿
I thought about fitting a 4D to my one and even managed to get hold of a proper Ford adaptor plate to put the 4D onto the WOT gearbox, but after a bit of number crunching I came to the conclusion that it wouldn’t rev high enough comfortably to get a decent road speed.

From memory I worked out that to do 40mph it would have to be doing roughly 2800rpm, don’t quote me I fitted it 6 years ago now! 
Went with a 200tdi from a discovery in the end!

I do have a machinery bodied one with a V8 in it still as well but haven’t got round to restoring it yet though.



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Hi Tom

i did read about the 200tdi conversation and have considered it  as it’s a good engine (job for another day ) how’s it working out?  the 4d has been fitted with a proper conversation plate but the engine mounts need to be adjusted, my plan at the moment is to remove the cab, do all the welding ( loads of welding ) get it back on the road and use as it is for a while 


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Hi Jon

I like the idea of a 300tdi But not sure if the cable and rod brakes are up to it😂

had a good start today with the strip down, work has dried up since going on lockdown so making the most of it.

door hinge pins took a bit of heat but eventually came out.







unfortunately I don’t have a large workshop or barn but luckily most of the cab is a big meccano kit

Last chance to play spot the chassis number, I have found another 4 point star and beginning of the original  chassis number, I have made out 713***1







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Progress was a bit slower today but the lower part of the cab is ready to be lifted off , luckily I have 2 teenagers with not much to do at the moment so weight lifting can be the exercise tomorrow.

The cab roof is very fragile and needs a considerable amount of welding, after a good pressure wash more older repairs were found, ideally I would like to have the cab sand blasted but I don’t think there would be much left.








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23 minutes ago, 67burwood said:

Progress was a bit slower today but the lower part of the cab is ready to be lifted off , luckily I have 2 teenagers with not much to do at the moment so weight lifting can be the exercise tomorrow.


And how did you get them to help, mine will not do a thing

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12 minutes ago, 67burwood said:

Bribery usually works plus there that board anything is better than nothing!!

My next door neighbour works, she's about 5ft 6 and my son at 19 is 6ft 7 and he's scared of her, the daft thing is she's a great person and can't understand it, we have said don't tell him as its a good threat

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1 minute ago, 67burwood said:

Mines got the same, it looks like a bracket for a pick axe head and the loop bracket next to that for the handle which stands upright 

Looks a good situation, the Left hand side has some thing that could hole a shovel blade, what'the semi circle for on the right of the marked picture?

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11 hours ago, 67burwood said:

If the clamp is for a pick axe head then the other bracket looks like it’s for the handle, mine has a strap about 2 ft directly above which would make sense 35D40410-7E83-4686-A556-F36722F6971A.thumb.jpeg.1b6acdd4608cd402be3871b499de64c5.jpeg

The WOT2-h has the same bracket but on the out side of the cab panel on the driver side for the pick handle and in side for the pick head (??).


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Those vaccume operated fuel pumps are prone to the diaphram that works the rack perishing, giving vague throttle control and uneven tick over. When they stand for a long time condensation builds up in the lower part of the chamber and rots it through. 

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Thanks for the info, I will check the pump just to be on the safe side. 

Took advantage of the lovely weather today and removed the lower section of the cab, this section is actually lighter that the top, most properly because most of the bottom is missing, the tin worms have been hard at work !!

Gave it a good going over with the pressure washer which revealed the full extent of the rust. More sheet steel will need to be ordered.










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