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Hitler's British concentration camp revealed

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Came across this today, interesting reading


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According to my Amazon account -  You purchased this item on 30 Oct 2016.

I now know I am looking for a hardback book.

IIRC  The numbers 'detained' on the east side of Scotland was low.

I remember a conversation (that I had to prevent a argument) with somebody I know who lives Glasgow , Polish origins , his comments Webb was more than a bit suspect  along with the words 'primary evidence'.    ISTR it was hardly news that the Isle of Bute was used for officers , but a fenced camp for rankers somewhere in the Clyde area.

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Adolf Island. Staffordshire University's Dr Caroline Sturdy Colls reveals the largely untold story of a Nazi concentration camp secretly set up on the Channel Island of Alderney during the Second World War using slave workers.

On Smithsonian:-

Saturday, 4pm - 5pm

Sunday, 7pm - 8pm

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