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Back again. Can anyone tell me the overall length of the 30-06 brass cartridge please as I have 2 x 250 boxes of shells, one of which are 30-06  and the other are .303 both in canvas belts. The problem I have is that the 30cal. 30-06 rounds will not load into the feed tray on my 30cal. Where as the .303 rounds will. The 30cal. has not been messed with and is still the original. The starter tab for the 30-06 is black in colour and the .303 tab is brass. Now the .303 shells fit perfectly into the breech but the 30-06 rounds are too long. I wondered if when they replaced the heads they have not pushed them in far enough into the cartridge it's self. The 30-06 shell measures 3-1/4" in old money with the brass cartridge measuring at 2-1/2". The .303 overall measures 3" and case 2-1/4". The thing is that the .303's  only really fit into the canvas 'Black' ended starter tab easily  and the 30-06 in the 'Brass' ended canvas belt. Have been told the black starter canvas belt is the proper belt for WW2 30cal. and the brass would have been for the .303 so now I am truly confused as I suppose most of you reading this are. Just need to know which canvas belt is correct for WW2, black tab or brass and why the 30cal. shells will not fit my 30cal. Hopefully this is not confusing to many of you out there lol.

Thanks in advance.


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