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oil leak on Dodge T215 engine

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its been difficult to get access to my Dodge as it is at my works and we are closed because of the virus situation so i can  only go by arrangement. i have packed the oil pump and i now have to refit the sump using a gasket set. does anyone have any recomondations or tips regarding this and what gasket goo to use please

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7 minutes ago, panelvan said:

forgot to say i already have the gasket set.

Ordinary goo would be fine, anything you have in the shop.  The only things to watch are in the rear sump to main bearing cap to block area.  Never re-fit the back main bearing cap without new "h" seals, for example

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Hello there.

having managed to get access to my Dodge yesterday i can report that i think i may have sorted out the low oil pressure problem.

my earlier posts show what the issue was and what fixes had been suggested and what i had already tried.

Eventually i followed the suggestion of taking off the oil pump and packing the pump gears . I used

Castrol spheerol classic . I did this on a bench after carefully marking with a paint pen the spiral worm gear and its tube ,  then i (reluctantly) dropped the sump pan, gave it a thorough clean and jetwash,  but to be fair it was not that bad really anyway !  I took off and cleaned the floating oil pick up filter which was really dirty. Put new cork gaskets on. and re fitted the sump. The job  of removing and refitting the sump was something i had not been looking forward to doing ,  and it was not an easy task. Access was awkward lying on my back working under the Dodge. everything seemed to be in the way, axle, diff, tie rod , exhaust. After filling with 20/50 oil i tried to start it. It wouldnt go so got a gallon can of petrol 'just in case, and success... it started. Checking the oil pressure my heart sank it was zero!!! then i remembered i had disconnected the original oil guage and teed off  a pipe to a modern guage in case the original one was faulty. doh!!!  Checking the modern guage i was pleased to see a reading of just over 30 psi. I left it ticking over for about 10 minutes and the pressure slowly dropped to 21 psi and stayed at that climbing to around 30 psi on pressing the accelerator. I was hoping for a bit higher tick over but at last it is out of  its" sick bed " it seems and it drives again.



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That's fine for a worn engine.  I've seen guidelines somewhere that specify when worn, 5psi when cold, and 'moves off the peg' when hot.

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Problem sorted congratulations,  bit of ware on mains and big ends but nothing too bad by the look of your readings.

Thanks for coming back here with the result



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