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41st Corowa Swim-In & Military Vehicle Gathering

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Just got back from this event in Australia, probably the only military vehicle event I will get to this year as COVID is likely to scupper our UK show season.

Here is a video I found on Youtube of NSW collector, Chris Watson with his Mack, Ferret and FV439 after loading at Corowa and ready to head home. I actually presented Chris with his award for the FV439 the previous evening.

The event theme this year was Year of the Military Motorcycle and there was a varied collection of them, most numerous was the Harley WLA with 8 of them attending. I believe the WLA was still in service with the Australian Army in to the Sixties.

regards, Richard

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2020 Vehicle list
Dodges 9                 Larc 2               Unimog 3
Chev Blitz 4         Ford Blitz 2            Toyota HJ47 1
Strickland carrier 1      LP2A carrier 4            Ferret scout cars 3
DUKW 3                 GPA 4               Studebaker 3
White Scout Car 2      Saurer 1                    Kubelwagon 1
Mercedes Fire Truck 1      International ACCO 5         Mack 2
GMC CCKW 1         Austin Champ 2            Diamond T 1
Moke 1            International MC Fire Truck         1FV439 1
Oka 1            Tatra Half Track 1         Pinzgauer 2
Ford C11ADF Utility 1      International S-Line 1         HUMVEE 2
Ford XF Ute 1         Ford Model T 1            WW1 Limber 1
Reo 1            Chev truck 1            Bedford QL 1
Ford 10C van 1         Bicycles 7                    Land Rovers 51
Jeeps 71                 Motorbikes 33

Total 235
Motorbike list:
Harley Davidson WLA – 9   Yamaha -4            BSA M20-3
Suzuki -6         Royal Enfield -2            Norton – 1
Condor -1         Chang Jiang CJ750 -3         BMW R75-1
Indian- 1         Zundapp K800-1         Welbike-1

Next year is Year of the Jeep and Year of the RAAF. This year there were 20 more jeeps so I think you all need to get your Land Rover's out to see if the number of Land Rovers can be higher than jeeps. You have 12 months to do this. in 2010 when we had year of the Jeep there were 180 jeeps. The only time Land Rover numbers have been higher than jeeps was in 2018 with Year of the Land Rover. There were 111 Land Rovers.










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Hi all,

I still have some sequential and standard number plates left for sale. If you are interested please let me know and I will post one to you. I currently have the following sequential number plates available at $30 plus postage:
103, 107, 108, 114, 115, 116, 119, 120,132, 133, 134.

I also have some standard plates available at $25 plus postage.

Corowa Mockup V3.pdf

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