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Bailey Pontoon MkV, MkVI, Survivors? Plans?

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It seems these Bailey pontoons were widely used in WW2, but I guess the fact that they were made of wood means that most of them haven't stood the test of time.

I would love to say that I am after a set for my pontoon truck.....but that's not the case. I am looking at making a few for a scale model.

Does anyone know of any surviving examples? So far, I only know of a set in Petawawa Canada, but I would love to find one in Europe, so I can maybe measure it. Does anyone know if plans of these pontoons are available?




all pictures attached; source:https://www.iwm.org.uk/collections/search



EA 22916.jpg




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Try the Royal Engineers Museum in Chatham:


Research option won't be available until August or possibly later given the present situation.

In the meantime theres more pictures of the various options here:




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Thanks for your replies. There are many pictures of these pontoons around, so I should be able to make a reasonable close scale model just from pictures, but if possible I always try to base models on first hand info.....measurements of the real thing or original scale plans.

I did indeed look at available scale models. My scale is 1/35 and as far as I know no British/Canadian pontoon models exist in that scale. There is a small scale option in resin, but the problem is they don't seem very detailed and you never know if they based the model on accurate measurements or just pictures.

Tim, It's funny that you mention the instruction kits....I also had a look at those, but at least the ones I saw did not include pontoons, or had US style or postwar pontoons in the kit. However.....I did look at these training kits as they seem pretty accurate....so if anyone knows if there are kits that do include the  MkV or MkIV pontoons, please let me know.

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I am one of those with training kits, please tell me what you need me to measure. My kits are in the house and I can get to some of the boxes. Let me know how I can help and I will try to help if you feel my input can help.


bridge box single20.JPG

Bridge 21 IMG01681-20130604-1809 (1).jpg

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Someone mentioned Staman regarding Jeep parts in another thread, and not having heard of them, found their website.

Looked at their advert for a Rogers trailer and there seems to be a pontoon on it, which is very similar to what is shown in the pictures, albeit a smaller size. What is it, does anyone know? https://staman.nl/ex-army-roger-trailer.html

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