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FV432 collector filter fuel pump/Air vent/bleed hole

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Hi Chaps

Here is some information I have received from a company that I would recommend for sound advice. There are some valid points, about the pump.

Where did you get the info from stating it’s a witness hole ? as far as I remember we’ve never seen that hole on any of our castings, possibly an earlier version of the pump ? the pump is what 60 years old? Maybe there was a design change when it was adopted for the warrior ?


Im not sure how that hole would have access to the lubrication chamber between the seals, if you look at the cross section below the 2 seals are number 10 (the item between the seals is a wick that holds lubricant) the hole in your pics are on the motor side of the mounting flange ??


Part of the EMER even says to fully submerge the unit to water proof test the pump! If you do this you have risk of water getting into the area between the seals..  which would not be good!

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