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Ronsandt if you want to move away from the Vokes fuel filter elements but want to leave the mount intact then there is a spin on filter adapter on the market to allow that to happen without having to change the plumbing.

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Ronsandt, whats your real name anyway? Is it Ron?

Anyway, look up some folks at REME Depot on Facebook and they carry it. They are in the US of A and will shio worldwide. They have a Vimeo video entitled FF adapter on the Facebook page.

The design of the adapter is to allow owners with the Vokes type filters to be able to leave all the priginal plumbing in place a remove a few items and install the spin on adapter and use a commercial off the shelf filter. The ones they specify have a water separator built in with the ability to bleed off water.

In places outside the UK getting parts from the UK is harder than people in the UK understand, hence the design was hatched and trials done. Owing to the use of the original top nut on the Vokes unit a socket is supplied to allow the buyer to torque the adapter properly for correct installation.

If you have any questions REME Depot will answer or I can try to help.

Hope this helps





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Well I have to say, very good video. And kudos to you for the development of the adapter. I will help to keep the vehicals running. I’ll be ordering as soon as I verify that’s the one I have in the sabre. 

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